silicone reborn baby doll

How To Spot A Reborn Scam


How to spot a reborn scam

This is an unfortunate, but prevalent issue in the doll community, so there is a lot to address here. As reborn dolls became more popular, so did the unscrupulous individuals looking to take advantage of it. There are HUNDREDS of scam sites pretending to sell reborn dolls. Most of these sites are created in countries where dolls are typically manufactured. They steal photos from legitimate artists to trick people.

This site was created by an artist who has been painting for years, along with the help of fellow artists, to provide a safe place for artists and collectors to connect. The dolls that you see in photos is the exact doll you will be receiving.

There is also an issue in our community with sculpts being stolen from sculptors, replicated, then sold as poor quality kits. Sculptors are completely left out of the equation, leaving only thieves to profit from their countless hours of hard work. We stand with our sculptors. Anyone who tries to list a doll with a counterfeit kit will be permanently banned.

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