silicone reborn baby doll

Reborn Doll Care


Reborn Doll Care

Please read and follow these guidelines to insure that you will have your reborn baby to enjoy for many years to come.

Your baby is not a toy

Instead it is a one-of-a-kind, heirloom quality collector's art item. Small children should be supervised since rough playing could scratch the painting or potentially soil or tear the cloth body. Keep out of the reach of pets.

Care of your baby's skin

Avoid contact with creams, skin or hair oils. Lotion may remove the paint and make her shiny. Avoid extreme temperatures and leaving her in direct sunlight. If she is dusty, you can wipe the baby's face and limbs gently with a damp washcloth and damp cotton swab in the creases. Do not wipe your baby with baby wipes or cleaning wipes which contain alcohol or solvents which can remove paint. You can apply a small amount of baby powder to her bottom, but avoid the limbs.

Dress your baby gently

Keeping sharp objects away from her face and limbs to prevent scratching. Tight necked clothing pulled over the head can rub off paint and remove lashes. Use caution with highly pigmented colors such as reds, navy, black, and denims. Dyes from clothes, as well as ink from markers, pens or paint, can permanently stain the vinyl and cloth body. Washing a few times will help remove excess dye. You may also want to find tights for the baby to wear under dark clothes as extra insurance against stains.

Posing your baby

Your baby can be gently posed into a variety of positions. Never force a limb into a position that it can not easily assume. Support your baby while she is posed with props or pillows so her weight is not pulling on her body parts.


Your baby may contain powerful neodymium magnets; care should be taken around people with medical devices which could be affected by these magnets, such as pacemakers and metal implants. There is also a strong magnet placed in the pacifier, which can be pulled apart, thus leaving the magnet exposed. These magnets would be dangerous if swallowed, so please keep this in mind if you have small children or pets.

Hair care

Gently wash the hair as needed with a little baby shampoo in warm water (mohair does not respond well to cold or hot water), keeping in mind that this hair is fragile. The more it is manipulated, the more likely it is to be damaged or pulled out. Never immerse your reborn into water as this could ruin her body. Instead, hold the head beneath a skink faucet for washing, supporting the head just as your would with a real baby's head. Be careful to not get water on the face. When you are done washing, gently pat the hair with a towel and allow it to air dry.

Mohair has the tendency to tangle and mat sometimes, so extreme care should be taken when brushing it out. Use a soft brush and be gentle. A professional reborn artist always seals the hair from the inside of the head to prevent the hair from coming out, but mohair can break off when too much force is applied. Using a leave-in conditioner spray will help. Use it after washing, when it looks dry, and when styling.

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